3 Amazing Facts About Luxembourg

Planning a honeymoon trip to Europe is on the list of many couples but the target countries are obviously the ones, which are bigger and famous. Luxembourg, which is in fact, located in Europe falls under the categories of smaller countries and is often not a considerable choice even though there are many interesting facts famous about this particular place. 

Amazing Fact #1 

Luxembourgish is the national language of this particular place. According to the UN (2011), the population of the place was 516000. Goldcrest is the national bird and the common currency of the area is Euro. The lion is a national animal. Thus, discussing these statistics briefly about this particular city, it is quite amazing and interesting to note that there are many member countries of the European Union; however, this particular one has the least population. It is an interesting fact to pen down. Thus, for those people who are fond of visiting the less populated places might like to take a look at Luxembourg. 

Amazing Fact #2

There is a common and famous saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. People are fascinated by the beauty and such places are a source of attraction for many tourists around the world. Gone are the days when it is difficult to go and visit a particular place as now world is within the reach of common individual thanks to the power of internet and information technology. The world has advanced to such an extent that it is now possible to get information on the relevant and beautiful areas that a tourist is planning to visit. One such place, which a tourist of the modern age can add to their bucket list is Luxembourg especially if this tourist is fond of castles as there are some stunning castles at this particular place. Visiting the castles is like being a part of a fairy tale. You read about the castles in storybooks and watch them in the movies and if you have never seen a castle in person, it would be quite worth to visit this particular place.  Some of the most noticeable castles include Vianden Castle and Beaufort Castle. There are some other as well; however, if you are genuinely interested in the castles, you can go and visit the place and learn about the castles in detail. 

Amazing Fact #3

People belonging to the past seemed to be quite intelligent in the area of architectural design. Entire Europe is full of sights and historical places, which are amazing. It is interesting to learn that this particular Luxembourg City falls under the category of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Thus, if you are that kind of person who gets amazed by beautiful architecture, it would be worth to visit this particular place and learn about it in more detail. With technological advancement, you can get all the vital and relevant information online within a short period – read article on which country is luxembourg